Looking for something different to celebrate your loved one's special day? Let us celebrate with you! Fire&Ice offers a variety of different party options to make your birthday memorable.  Each party includes one custom hand-painted plate, which we help decorate with the birthday person and their friends.

Canvas party - $100 (up to 8 children)

Paint an 8x10 canvas; design selected at the time of booking.

Clay party - $100 (up to 8 children)

Choices include name plaque, fish taco, and pizza plate. 

Selection must be made at time of booking.

Alcohol Ink - $100 (up to 8 children)

Choices of any of our GB pieces. Choice must be made when party is booked.

Ceramic party - $150-175 (up to 10 children)

Choices include splatter and bubble bowl, plate or cup, or a variety of figurines. Once fired, it is food safe.

Details: Birthday parties require a nonrefundable $25 deposit to secure your table. All parties are blocked for 2 hours, including setup and cleanup. Parties may not exceed the 2-hour time limit. Maximim of 20 attendees due to space constraints. Cupcakes or cake are welcome, but meals are not permitted.